Casey abrams and haley reinhart still dating

casey abrams and haley reinhart still dating

of all the undeniable flirting going on between Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams. The "Idol" contestants have been living together for weeks now, so it's not a total Oh wait, she tripped one more time, but still didn't fall. Musicians Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart are said to have begun dating while both competing on American Idol. The two spent a lot of time together, along. Haley Reinhart: Casey and I "played the game" with dating rumors. that she and former Idol tenth-season finalist Casey Abrams were dating, . all that in stride and realizing I've been at it so many times and I'm still around.

casey abrams and haley reinhart still dating

casey abrams and haley reinhart still dating

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Casey abrams and haley reinhart still dating -

After hysterically breaking character onstage, Adam went to throw away the clump of hair, before being informed by Haley Reinhart that Casey wanted to keep it. What one song made you fall in love with music? Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. How does playing the bass help you as a singer and songwriter? It makes me come up with funkier lines as write. I love singing melody, but a lot what makes that melody good is a different, but complimentary harmony happening at the same time.

The bass can be a harmonic and melodic instrument. Who are your biggest influences as a musician? Miles Davis- he was chilled out, made music the way he wanted to, and took a lot of artistic risks in his career. Also, Jack Black, because he is a great actor, but can rock a stage with just his voice, and make a crowd go nuts. Who are your biggest non-musical influences?

If you had to pick one song as your theme music in life, what would it be? What was your favorite Postmodern Jukebox tour memory?

Did it ever make it home? It had a silhouette of naked lady I believe. Haley was often criticised for her choice of song but was a fan favourite and a dark horse of the competition. She is only the contestant from season 10 of American Idol who has over one million views on six of her YouTube performances video. Haley released her debut album Listen Up! After a change in management company in , Reinhart expanded the agreement with her music publisher, Ole, in Haley released her second album, Better, on April Haley made her voice debut on December 18, , as Billy Murphy in the Netflix animated comedy F for Family and played the role of the main cast in both first and second season.

To this point, it is unknown if she is single or dating anyone. However, there were rumours about Haley and Stefano Langone being in a relationship which was confirmed true. While two kept quiet about their romance, their fellow season 10 contestant on American Idol. Haley and Stefano dating rumour emerged in August The two got romantically involved while the Top 13 contestants started rehearsing for the Idol Tour.

A few months before, Haley found herself romantically linked to Casey Abrams. Well, till now Haley has not been married. It is assumed that Stefano is her boyfriend but until the pair decides to make their relationship public nothing can be guaranteed about her relationship status.

casey abrams and haley reinhart still dating