Jin se yeon and lee jong suk dating

jin se yeon and lee jong suk dating

Jin Se-yun and Lee Jong-suk, the photo will make people think they are dating", " Jin Se-yun appeared in "Gag Concert yesterday", and so on. HoonHee Couple - Jin Se Yeon & Lee Jong Suk. likes · 28 talking about this. From the drama Doctor Stranger, comes a new couple to be a fan of ♥. Jin Se-yeon is a South Korean actress. She played the female protagonist in the television . 27 August ^ Jump up to: Lee, Min-ji (27 July ). "Interview: Jin Se Yeon Talks About Her Kiss Scene with Lee Jong Suk in Doctor Stranger".
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Jin se yeon and lee jong suk dating - Here's Why You Need to Watch 'While You Were Sleeping'

Starlight Angels can agree to disagree. I supposed some of these ships are still intact since the couple denied their relationship. Excuse the SukWoo ship, LOL, I just had to put it in there because 1 fans do ship their bromance mostly for fun , and 2 I like their friendship too. This combination is unexpected—mostly because there was no absolute link between them that could suggest they are seeing each other.

LOL, realisation came a little too late. Dispatch was brutal, giving Minzy couple no way but confirming their relationship—having caught them red-handed—meeting up and checking in a hotel together in England. Such a huge drop in quality of their stalking skills.

They too, have been dating each other for about 2 years. Reportedly, he startled Lee Yoon Ji with that statement. Lee Yoon Ji is now married. However, there may be a minority forming after his explosive chemistry with Park Bo Young in Oh! Congrats to uri Hye Jin for finding her Sung Joon in real life. From how I see it, most of the shipping wars are between the male lead and that occasional wonderful and sweet second male lead Chilbongie T.

I kind of a have a weird habit of shipping evil female seconds with the male leads so I was totally not surprised that I would like Soo Hyun better in this drama. I have no idea why I have such an affinity towards evil female characters My favourite Heirs character: Rachel Yoo; I shipped her with Young Do. However, I was surprised that the majority of drama watchers this time were on board with me!

Because they are unexpected and they have chemistry. Chemistry is absolutely the most important thing in an OTP couple. In fact, I wrote a whole long shpeal about it read it here. It's weird because I thought they would look so good together since they are both pretty gorgeous on their own. But together, it felt weird. I didn't want to root for them despite their undying love for each other.

Somehow, their dynamic is much more interesting to watch. Their unexpected pairing and relationship development might have also helped with their chemistry. Im not sure about other people, but during the time when I'm waiting for the next week of episodes to come out, I sort of create a storyline for the drama in my head. Basically, I just fantasize about scenes that I want the drama to have.

For this drama, I wanted so bad for Park Hoon to fall in love with Soo Hyun as she heals him from his past pain. But yeah, it never goes the way I want so boohoo for me.

There are only a select few actors and actresses that I've changed my feelings toward. Just to name a few: Hwang Jung Eum - I seriously used to hate her because of her past in an idol group. If you search up interviews with her in it, you'll see how bitchy and desperate she was to be popular. She left because she wasn't the most popular in the group. I watched her new interviews and I dunno I just like her now.

Anyhow, back to my point: I used to hate Kang Sora. I first noticed her when I was watching my bias, Moon Chae Won, at an awards show, and saw that Sora had won a few awards. Also, she got more cheers than Chae Won, so I took note of her and did some brief research. Whatever, I forgot about her. And then Dream High 2 came along.

The Jin Se Yeon Wedding Curse Strikes Again in Penultimate Episode of Age of Feeling :

jin se yeon and lee jong suk dating

Luckily the other female lead Jin Se Yeon added the dash of life to this mostly dull and lifeless plodding endeavor, with a character that was charming with a backbone of steel. Many fans rejoiced when news broke that they would be reunited in Six Flying Dragons. I know there is a huge shipping war going on with this drama so I need to get my stance straight.

'Doctor Stranger's Lee Jong Suk and Jin Se Yeon look like a cute couple even off camera

jin se yeon and lee jong suk dating