Avenue trees in bangalore dating

avenue trees in bangalore dating

The flowers somewhat resemble the Badminton Ball tree. This tree has been planted as an avenue tree in some parts of Bangalore. The Commander Limenitis. Wholesale Avenue Trees Supplier in india - Buy Online Avenue Trees like Silveroak, Cassia, Gulmohar, Neem, Banyan and much more, Garden World is. are ancient trees, belonging to the Magnolia family, dating back 95 Sampiges make excellent avenue trees because of their tall sturdy.

Explore 19 Splendid Romantic Places in Bangalore with your Soulmate :

avenue trees in bangalore dating

India and Malaya Flowering Season: A pretty sight when in bloom. It can be used as an ornamental.

Avenue trees in bangalore dating - What are the romantic places in Bangalore in summer?

Hebbal Lake — Myriad hues of the horizon Hebbal Lake source Hebbal Lake promises a fascinating sight of the hues of sunrise and sunset amidst an assortment of trees inhabited by rare species of migrating birds. With just a small section open to the public, it is an ideal place for couples to enjoy against the backdrop of the rising or the setting sun.

Sankey Tank — Man-made water attraction Sankey Tank source Tucked away in the quaint locality of Malleswaram, Sankey Tank is a man-made lake surrounded by a picturesque garden. The dense cover of trees and a wonderful walking track makes for an idyllic surrounding to spend time together as a couple.

Muthyalamaduvu — Beads of pearls Muthyala Maduvu Falls source A waterfall which falls from an astonishing height of 92 meters leaving behind a formation of droplets of water resembling a string of pearls is another hidden gem in the crown of romantic places in Bangalore. Popularly known as Pearl Valley, it is best to visit after monsoons to soak in the lush greenery and abundance of water. Couples can take a dip in the sublime waters for an exhilarating experience.

Sakleshpur — An offbeat destination Western Ghats at Sakleshpur Sakleshpur is a site for an off-track or dramatic romantic time. Camp in a tent on the banks of Cauvery, go boating or on a coracle ride, trek around the wilderness or take a shot at adventure sports like zip lining or swimming during late winter or early spring for a magical experience in solitude, away from the maddening crowd.

Hot Air balloon ride — Reach out to the skies Hot Air Balloon Ride Love is a feeling which is said to give you wings, but you could experience the feeling of real time at Jakkur Airfield to add a dash of adventure to your basket of romance.

A rendezvous with the clouds over the expansive landscapes of Bangalore surely beats all those dating places which keep your feet stuck to the ground. Stargazing at the Planetarium— Sneak peek into the galaxy Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium source An evening gazing at the star-studded skies at the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium will leave you starry-eyed for a while. A stimulating experience, the planetarium is an affordable yet strongly romantic experience to spend time with your beau gazing at the stars and gauge what they foretell.

A perfect way to spend time with your lover, these moments are sure to be cherished and etched in your memory forever. Pottery lessons, cookery classes — bond over a shared interest Traveller learning Pottery source Feel incredibly romantic with your hands intertwined in wet clay trying to mould a work of art.

Clay Station brings you a unique pottery session to let you and your beloved drop your guard and seek an unusual romantic experience. The cassia, he told us, is from Java and Sumatra and blooms in April and May. Another nugget to be found in his book Discover Avenue Trees is a handy pocket guide which is a great starting point for anyone who is interested in urban flora. Fifty flowering trees find mention in the book, from the purple jacaranda to the golden-yellow Indian laburnum and the cannonball tree which though native to South America is sacred in India, as the flower is likened to a Shiva linga.

I hope this book is a starting point for that. He has previously authored The Fauna of Bangalore: This was in or I then put up the information about some 25 species on my blog [wildwanderer. Depending on where the tree grows the birds that visit the flowers also vary.

Soon after, large green fruits dangle from the tree which turn brown ejecting the soft cotton attached to the seeds. This is an indigenous, fast growing tree and grows in most areas except in the very arid areas.

Virtually every part of the tree is known to have medicinal value. I have personally enjoyed observing birds near these trees in forested areas particularly Anamalais. The next time you happen to be in the jungles during the flowering season of this tree, just try your luck. Pongamia glabra Common Name: Honge Kannada Brief Description: This native tree has a wide distribution.

It is nearly evergreen and hardy. Pongam is medium sized tree. Widely grown due to the many advantages of the species. It can be grown with ease, it is not very slow growing, and has a dense canopy. Apart from the many other uses of the tree, it has been planted in the past for shade along roadsides.

The small flowers similar to the flowers of the pea plant vary in colour from white to pale purple. Many of these trees are just coming into bloom in the city. When these trees sport fresh leaves of a very appealing and enjoyable shade of green it is a pleasure to watch them. March — May Vernacular Name: Hole dasavala Brief Description: It certainly merits both the common names attributed to it. The tree, when it puts forth its many inflorescences, each about a foot long, their colour varying from pink to purple, is a grand sight indeed!

The tree attains majestic proportions in well-watered areas, particularly on river and streambeds. Away from water the growth is stunted making it quite suitable for planting in gardens, parks and on roadsides. Never is the tree leafless. The leaves are shed, few at a time and turn red or yellow prior to dropping off, on a scale never equalling the grandeur of temperate trees in autumn.

The tree can be easily identified even after the flowering season by the smooth bark it peels like in guava and the woody fruits which stay on the tree for a long time — some times even up to the next flowering season. The trees on M.

avenue trees in bangalore dating

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City is now under denser tree cover

avenue trees in bangalore dating

avenue trees in bangalore dating