Sri dattatreya temple in bangalore dating

sri dattatreya temple in bangalore dating

Lands/Plots for sale near dattatreya temple Bangalore: A plot property is available for sale in Hosakerehalli Layout, Bangalore. It has an area of sqft. About Lord Sri Dattatreya. The idols of gods inside the Dattatreya Temple. Lord Dattatreya is a combination of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. He is the son of . Dattatreya (IAST: Dattātreya, Sanskrit: दत्तात्रेय), Dattā or Dattaguru, is a paradigmatic In the temples of southern Maharashtra, Varanasi and in the Himalayas, his iconography shows him with one head According to Mallinson, Dattatreya is not the traditional guru of the Nath sampradaya, he was coopted by the.

Sri dattatreya temple in bangalore dating - Explore sri dattatreya temple

Steadfastly productive, does its dharma, gets abused, heals and is steady in giving nourishment. Passes through everything and everyone, unchanged, unattached, like Truth; sometimes becomes a gale, disturbs and changes the world, like Truth. Sky the highest has no boundaries, no limits, is unaffected even if clouds and thunderstorms come and go the highest within oneself, the Atman self, soul has no limits, it is undifferentiated non dual no matter what, let the clouds of materiality pass, be one with your soul and the Universal Self 4.

Water serves all without pride, discrimination; is transparent to everyone; purifies and gives life to everyone it touches a saint discriminates against no one and is never arrogant, lets other give him impurity, yet he always remains pure and cleanses 5.

Fire purifies and reforms everything it comes in contact with, its energy shapes things the heat of knowledge reforms everything it comes in contact with, to shape oneself one needs the energy of learning 6. Moon waxes and wanes but its oneness doesn't change birth, death, rebirth and the cycle of existence does not change the oneness of soul, like moon it is a continuous eternal reality 7.

Sun source of light and gives its gift to all creatures as a sense of duty; in rain puddles it reflects and seems like distinct in each puddle, yet it is the same one Sun the soul may appear different in different bodies, yet everyone is connected and the soul is same in all; like Sun, one must share one's gifts as a sense of duty 8.

Pigeons they suffer losses in the hands of violent hunters, warn against obsessive attachments to anyone or to material things in this world do not be obsessive, don't focus on transient things such as damage or personal loss, human life is a rare privilege to learn, discover one's soul and reach moksha 9.

Bumblebee active, works hard to build and create its reserve by directly visiting the flowers, but is selective and uses discretion, harmonious with flowers and never kills or over consumes be active, go directly to the sources of knowledge, seek wisdom from all sources but choose the nectar, be gentle, live harmoniously and leave others or other ideologies alone when you must Beekeeper profits from honeybees don't crave for material pleasures or in piling up treasures, neither the body nor material wealth ever lasts Ocean lucid at the surface, but deep and undisturbed within; receives numerous rivers yet remains the same let rivers of sensory input not bother who you are deep inside, know your depths, seek self-knowledge, be unperturbed by life, equipoise Moth is deceived by its senses, it runs to the fire in misunderstanding which kills it question your senses, question what others are telling you, question what you see, know senses can deceive, seek reason Courtesan exchanges transient pleasure with body, but feels dejected with meaningless life, ultimately moves on many prostitute their time, self-respect and principles for various reasons but feel dejected with their career and circumstances, seek meaning and spirituality in life, move on to doing things you love to do Snake lives in whatever hole that comes his way, willingly leaves bad skin and molts a yogi can live in any place, must be ready to molt old ideas and body for rebirth of his spirit Icon with three heads; Right: The appearance of Shri Dattatreya in pictures varies according to traditional beliefs.

A typical icon for Dattatreya, particularly popular with Marathi-speaking people in India, has three heads corresponding to Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, and six hands; the lowest two hands carry rosary mala and water pot kamandalu , middle pair of hands hold hourglass mini-drum damaru and trident trishul , and top two hands have conch shankh and spinning wheel chakra.

In western parts of Maharashtra, the syncretic six armed and three faced iconography is more common. Dattatreya as the archetypal model of syncretism: The four dogs represent the Vedas, [4] as trustworthy all weather friends, company and guardians, while the cow is a metaphor for mother earth who silently and always provides nourishment. The right earlobe jewelry and hair decoration in this art work of Dattatreya is of Shiva, but on his left the details are those of Vishnu.

The Ajmer art work is a free statue where Dattatreya is standing, has one head and four hands. In his various hands, he carries a Trishula of Shiva, a Chakra of Vishnu, a Kamandalu of Brahma, and a rosary common to all three.

The self is the infallible guide of the self: As per the Shreepad Shreevallabha Charitra he is second avatar of Dattatreya. He was initially named Narahari or Shaligramadeva. His father's name was Madhav and mother's name was Amba-Bhavani. His surname was Kale. His origins are obscure, yet a tale confirms him as Nrusimha Bhan, from Kardalivan near Srisailam. He attained samadhi in April—May of the year But his devotees still experience him as living.

Places of interest[ edit ] Significant places include Nirgun Math, Kalleshewar. The Nirguna Math is adorned with the Nirguna Padukas. Transportation[ edit ] Ganagapur is well connected by road and rail.

sri dattatreya temple in bangalore dating

Lands/Plots for sale near Dattatreya Temple Bangalore

sri dattatreya temple in bangalore dating

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