Bible study lessons for dating couples from dancing

bible study lessons for dating couples from dancing

Communication Pitfalls Christian Dating Site Plus A Christian Marriage Site! Bible study ideas for couples and couples in small groups. Includes a 9-week study, individual daily lessons, and weekend 'couple' studies. Qualities Of A Bad Girlfriend, Yonder Mountain String Band Dancing In The Moonlight, John, Paul. First, married couples dancing in public can easily result in lustful desires within stuck out most was the precedence I was setting, and the lesson I was teaching . . in this study, sexual movements are in many styles of dancing, dating back. Christian bible studies for dating couples how deep is your love for god? if Includes a 9-week study, individual daily lessons, and weekend 'couple' studies.

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bible study lessons for dating couples from dancing

Please allow me to translate a portion Song of Solomon 7: Some girls wear short dresses that fly in the air when they jump, sometimes turning flips in the air, and sometimes wrapping their legs around the boys in sexual positions. Live happily with the woman you love through all the meaningless days of life that God has given you under the sun. It can encourage lustful desires of people who are watching, even though the father and daughter remain absolutely pure in their thoughts and motives.

Bible study lessons for dating couples from dancing - Today's Devotional

Husband and Wife I'm sure we realize there's nothing sinful about a husband and wife dancing in private. As a married couple, they are permitted to physically enjoy one another's company 1 Cor. The question that some Christians ask, is, "Can a husband and wife dance in public?

Second, the example set forth by married Christians dancing in public would encourage other Christians to dance, possibly encouraging young Christians to engage in sinful dances at school 1 Tim.

I can imagine teenagers watching married people from church dance at a social function, maybe even a potluck where everyone is present. This would be very discouraging to them, especially to those who might be deciding whether to go to the prom. Third, married Christian couples, dancing in public is not honorable in the sight of all men Rom. Not long ago, a large number of people in the religious world believed it was wrong for married couples to dance in public.

And today, many Christians hold to the same belief. Fourth, Christians are to hold fast to what is good, abhorring evil and abstaining from every form of evil, while never doing anything that's questionable Rom. As such, I believe it would be wrong for me to dance with my wife in public. Father-Daughter Dances Certain forms of dancing between a child and parent aren't sinful. For example, playful dancing, such as a father swinging a three-year-old child to music, is not sinful.

But other types of dancing with a parent, or anyone else, are sinful. The typical father-daughter dance is with girls up to age twelve. Lately, though, Father-Daughter Purity Balls have become popular. At these balls, young ladies between nine and eighteen years old, are escorted by their fathers, grandfathers, brothers, or uncles. Mothers are also invited to attend the ball, and sometimes whole families attend. During the purity ball, young ladies pledge to remain pure, and the fathers pledge to protect their daughters in the area of purity, while also remaining pure in their own lives as men.

Questions that some Christians ask, are, "Can a father and daughter go to a dance? It can encourage lustful desires of people who are watching, even though the father and daughter remain absolutely pure in their thoughts and motives. The example set forth would encourage other Christians to dance. It's not honorable in the sight of all men brethren.

Christians are to hold fast to what is good, abhorring evil and thus abstaining from every form of evil. Additionally, I believe the lesson a father teaches his daughter, when taking her to a father-daughter dance, is not the correct lesson. I remember when Pam and Andrea were in Brownies, and the organization had a father-daughter dance. Of course, the girls being children, and not knowing the Scriptures because of their youth, wanted to go. After reviewing the Bible principles associated with the issue, knowing I needed to tell the girls the reason for my decision, the thing that stuck out most was the precedence I was setting, and the lesson I was teaching.

It wouldn't be long till I had to deal with homecoming and prom. Now was the time to begin teaching them about dancing. In a nutshell, this is what I told the girls: It was okay to goof off and have fun with dad, doing silly dances around the house, and one day they could dance in private with their husbands.

But we shouldn't go to father-daughter dances. Before long, they'd have boys asking them to dances at school, and they'd have to say "no," so they shouldn't start going to dances, not even with dad. Wedding Receptions Along the same lines as father-daughter dances, some people justify dancing at wedding receptions because a bride and groom's first dance is "pure. Perhaps more than anything, such dancing would encourage sin. If a bride and groom dance at their wedding reception, everyone else would be encouraged to dance, perhaps in the same way, slow dancing while holding each other close.

Can you imagine a couple from church getting married and dancing at the reception? Can you imagine the father of the bride dancing with his daughter?

Then can you imagine the elders slow dancing with the bride, followed with slow dancing with all the women at church? Then can you imagine all the teenagers slow dancing with each other, just like the bride, groom, and elders? Then can you imagine the elders slow dancing with the teenage girls, and the elders' wives slow dancing with the teenage boys?

This is the case with several aspects of a married couple's relationship. Ballroom Dancing Not long ago, many religions taught that ballroom dancing was sinful.

But today, things have changed. Not only do many churches condone ballroom dancing, they also offer ballroom dancing in their buildings. The waltz is one of the mildest dances, which epitomized ballroom dancing years ago. Today, erotic ballroom dances have grown in popularity, like the tango, samba, and salsa. Sultry dances like these define ballroom dancing today.

A person can investigate a ballroom competition on TV, and immediately understands that present-day ballroom dancing includes overtly sexual, vulgar expressions. Eroticism of Ballroom Dancing Ballroom dances such as the tango and salsa are erotic. In other words, they arouse sexual desire.

Dreyfus, a Clinical Psychologist, wrote an article for SelfhelpMagazine. In the article, he has a section titled "The Dance Of Sex" and says "Love-making is similar to ballroom dancing" http: With more than a dozen women for every male, the odds favor the men. Men quickly figure it out and soon sleep with every woman there. Of course some people disagreed with the article, but some people responded very honestly, revealing truths we should know about ballroom dancing.

One respondent said, "I'd heard that about ballroom. It even looks sleazy on TV. Over the years it sure seems the male teachers and male dancers had an affair with every woman at the dances. She gave me that long cool direct look she had so perfected many years ago and flatly and dryly said, 'I catch you doing that ballroom dancing and you'll be lucky if all I break is your leg. You know who you are. Swing Dancing Although swing dancing is technically categorized as ballroom dancing, I often hear it referred to differently, as a dance popular with young people today.

But like ballroom dancing, it has a sexual component we can't ignore. Swing dancing dates back to the 's, when people began dancing to the swing style of jazz music. Swing dancers display fascinating feats of athleticism, but also incorporate sensual movements in the dances. Some girls wear short dresses that fly in the air when they jump, sometimes turning flips in the air, and sometimes wrapping their legs around the boys in sexual positions.

And other girls wear tight, low cut outfits that are very revealing. Responding to an article on swing dancing, one person reveals the sexual component to swing dancing. Swing is making this move fit this music at this moment. In contras you get to flirt; in folk dances you get to posture. In swing you get it all. Swing isn't just sex, but what swing does is give you prolonged contact, intimate contact, with one other" http: Perhaps the most prevalent reason is that the dances are sexually explicit, as indicated in comments above.

As such, Christians shouldn't participate in the lustful and licentious activity Rom. Square Dancing Square dancing began as a form of folk dancing. But recently, young people have reinvented square dancing, retaining some of its traditions while dancing to modern music. Touching One of the things we need to understand is that square dancing involves touching: Denise Mann, promoting Square Dancing, says, "And the touching in itself can be beneficial to health, according to studies conducted at the Touch Research Institute in Miami, which showed that regular touching can reduce stress and depression and enhance immune system function" Mid-Willamette Area Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs, "Don't Be a Square -- Dance!

Sexual Component Many people criticize Christians' values regarding dancing, especially square dancing which they believe is innocent. But anyone who thinks square dancing doesn't have a sexual component, with girls wearing short skirts that fly in the air, and boys holding girls tight when they swing, is either uninformed or dishonest. The insurgence of same-sex square dancing, promoted by groups such as the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs, is evidence that there's a sexual component to square dancing.

If there isn't, such clubs wouldn't exist, for obvious reasons. As further evidence, I remember young men at college taking square dance class. There's a reason boys like to go to class, dancing with the prettiest girls and swinging them around while holding them close. I think the reason is obvious. I found information from one man about his boyhood thoughts regarding square dancing, similar to young men in the college square dance classes.

For one thing you get to hold every girl in the place in your arms, as you follow the caller when he says 'Swing Your Partner. As such, Christians shouldn't participate in square dancing. It's a lustful and licentious activity we should avoid Rom. Line Dancing Line dancing is a group of people dancing in one or more lines, usually facing the same direction, while executing the same choreographed movements without any physical contact.

Marching Band, Clogging, Parades, Musicals As with many things in life, some line dances don't have sinful components, while others do. For example, some high school marching bands do band dances that are decent and wholesome. The movements aren't sinful, the music isn't sinful, and the environment isn't sinful. Christians can participate in this activity as band members, as long as sinful activities aren't incorporated into the dance.

Clogging is another example of line dancing that's not necessarily sinful. A person on a high school clogging team wouldn't be sinning, unless the dance team incorporated sinful movements, which I've never known to be the case.

A military unit in a parade, such as the ROTC, doing a series of synchronized movements is technically a line dance. As with clogging and band dances, the activity is not sinful unless sinful things are incorporated, which is usually not the case in my experience. Both of you need legitimate face-to-face fun. In Song of Solomon, Solomon poetically speaks to his beloved, the Shulammite woman, taking the time to describe every aspect of her beauty to her in intimate, saucy detail.

He starts with her feet, working his way gradually up her entire body, until finally he ends up at her eyes. Please allow me to translate a portion Song of Solomon 7: Oh, this guy is good. Your navel is a rounded goblet that never lacks blended wine. You look pretty and delicate. And you smell good. They look so soft and fluffy and beautiful! Your neck is like an ivory tower. Your skin looks like porcelain.

I could just drown in those eyes, baby. And his woman loves the attention. Women enjoy talking with their husbands. Sure, guys just want to show them, but the ladies like us to put those things into words.

Articulating our feelings requires us to lower our guard, which makes the relationship more real. Intimate, ongoing conversation is key to success in any marriage.

People who are a part of our church family probably got tired a long time ago of hearing me say the same two words over and over, every time I talk about marriage: Date night, date night, date night, date night, date night.

For years, almost every week, Amy and I faithfully kept to our date night. This commitment was the time we set aside every week to connect intimately and emotionally, face to face. No matter what other craziness was going on in our lives, both of us always knew we had at least one evening coming during the week that we could both look forward to. We already have a great marriage. We simply had no idea how much that seemingly innocent decision would cost us.

Months later, we noticed a disturbing trend in our relationship. Every week, we would get together with our small group of friends to discuss our faith and to share what was going on with us, both good and bad. During those weekly meetings, I kept noticing the same thing happening again and again. And here she was bringing up really important things that I had no idea were even going on with her.

Amy was noticing the same thing.

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bible study lessons for dating couples from dancing