Obs settings for twitch bad internet dating

obs settings for twitch bad internet dating

I stream at bitrate so this should be fine (and has been for about 5 months now) Monitor capture has the graphics card write the frame to system RAM ( Which is really slow to write/read from) before OBS Which means they aren't usable for streaming on your connection. Out-dated network drivers. Hopstad has been streaming to largely nobody for the last five years, and he's The rise of popular (and profitable) influencers on platforms like YouTube and Twitch has also made the idea of being an online Make sure you have a good technical setup. . We are dating now and I couldn't be happier.”. The stresses of having to be online as much as possible begin to wear you I've been streaming full time on Twitch as my career for four years.

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Types of streamers First of all, you should decide what kind of streamer you want to be. You can also take both elements with you into your stream, but with different values, it depends on your personality, your skill level and your ability to communicate. The goal of both is to entertain your community.

That way you build up a community , which is always happy to switch back to your broadcast. The Pro Gamer The pro gamer knows his game like the back of his hand and shows it with his skills.

He can either give his viewers tips and help them master the game, or be very competitive with his community and other players.. Basically, you can say that the pro-gamer is kind of a travel guide, who shows his viewers the game and its contents. A very good example for this is Shroud. He sees himself as part of a group and explores the world with his community. A prime example of a community streamer is Gronkh. Nobody is perfect from the beginning and you will learn with every streaming session.

Take time to analyze your streams and listen to the feedback from your community. Doing giveaways right from the beginning can be a big mistake. On the one hand, you have a higher monetary expense and on the other hand, many viewers might only visit your broadcast for the giveaway. The Community in the spotlight From the very beginning, special attention should be paid to providing your community with added value that sets you apart from other streamers.

The interaction with the audience should always be paramount. Greet and say goodbye to your audience, answer their questions in the chat and be yourself..

Your community will soon notice whether you are sincere or not. Now, all you need is a game and you can start streaming. In the beginning, choose a game that you like to play and which is close to your heart. First of all, about gaming hardware: To get a stable gaming experience without any framedrops or lag, an up-to-date gaming computer is essential.

Gaming computers are especially developed for gaming and therefore suitable for the highest demands and requirements a game can bring with it. You can also get a gaming mouse and gaming keyboard, which will allow you to access a variety of commands and keyboard shortcuts more easily.

For a game streamer, a Windows operating system should be the ideal choice, but OBS is available for other platforms as well. You should pay special attention to your Twitch channel.

It should include graphics as well as information about you and the game you play. A guide will follow shortly. You can upgrade your channel by using Twitch overlays. You can find a large selection of them via the link in our shop.

Also, think about the quality of your webcam. Does it show you clearly? You have two options for optimization: Either you work with a green screen or you make the background look proffessional. Choosing the game to play Which game you want to stream depends on your streamer type. If you think of yourself as a community streamer, you can stream a game you know or try something new and explore it with your community.

Generally, frequent changes are not recommended, so concentrate on the games you have already streamed. Streaming new, unfamiliar games offers a good chance to attract many viewers, especially if not too many other streamers have discovered the game yet. Community Life It is important for you to set up a schedule with fixed streaming dates and stick to them. It would also make sense to publish the schedule for your community.

That way the audience knows when you are streaming and can look forward to it. Like many other streamers, it is very important that you deal with the social media channels Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Youtube and use them. Note that each individual social media channel requires know-how and active support. You can use social media channels to inform them when you will be streaming, post clips from your streams, answer questions or post about things from your daily life.

Events In business, a large network guarantees success. Streaming works the same. You can increase your growth by organizing guest appearances in popular streams. A simpler way is to be a shoutcaster for a tournament. It takes a lot of hard work to build up the necessary reach.

Your long-term goal should be to become a Twitch partner which will also help you earn money from the advertisements during your streams. Other social media platforms such as YouTube can certainly help. In order to really make a living out of it, you have to have a constant high number of views, which of course takes a lot of time.

Many large and successful streamers stream for more than 9 hours per day and edit their videos afterwards, making it more time consuming than a full-time job. Let us now look at the various earning possibilities and their requirements. In addition, you can derive from this whether a revenue can be planned or not billing , which requirements your channel has to meet and how much a single income will be.

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obs settings for twitch bad internet dating

Do not encourage users to break any subreddit rules. Follow the Twitch Terms of Service. Like many other streamers, it is very important that you deal with the social media channels Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Youtube and use them. You should use the search function before posting.

obs settings for twitch bad internet dating

obs settings for twitch bad internet dating

My Twitch Streaming Settings for Slow Internet