Dating a woman going through menopause

dating a woman going through menopause

Keep reading for dating tips during menopause. There can be some special challenges trying to date while going through menopause, but the good news Many women report benefits from short-term hormone replacement therapy (HRT ). If you're just entering into or are currently going through menopause, this has 58% of premenopausal women believe menopause symptoms will make them. Esselman is passionate about warning women (and men) that menopause is never something you just “go through.” Instead, she notes, you'll go through years .

Dating a woman going through menopause - 1. Be prepared for the long haul

Take time to create a romantic atmosphere while dating. You'd be surprised what some little touches can do for your sex drive. Figure Out What You Want Whether you prefer casually dating or are looking for a life partner, it is important to be honest with yourself. Coming to terms with what you want can help you be happier and healthier in the long run. Staying socially active and in peak health when you've entered menopause can seem like a daunting, exhausting task, but you owe it to yourself to do so.

That said, if menopause symptoms like low libido and mood swings are a persistent problem, talk to your doctor about your treatment options. Many women report benefits from short-term hormone replacement therapy HRT , though these medications should be taken in moderation. Just as with divorce, you can be a victim of menopause or use it as a springboard. I have a lot more energy. But by , I was running out of steam. I was 55 and exhausted. Friends thought I should retire.

I started to think about my purpose in life It is no coincidence that this all came about during the onset of my menopause.

I reminded myself that my life was far from over and I had to enjoy every moment. My dad used to take me on walks in the Sussex countryside and I would pick little bunches to bring home. Even at the modelling agency I dabbled in flower arranging — I created bouquets for shoots, rather than buying them, to cut costs — so I decided to start a flower business.

I loved it from the start. The business took off quickly. I also had tremendous fun with a recent installation for the Mayfair restaurant Sketch. We hung 6, delphiniums upside down from a ceiling for five weeks. I worried that they would die, but it looked incredible. Admittedly, there have been some disasters. Sex became all about intimacy and focused on my orgasm.

She sometimes experiences brief pain on penetration which can be minimized by lube , gentleness, and angle. We're slowing down, but continue to make love five or six times a month, for which I am so very, very grateful.

She is a sweetie. Larry I'm 70 and my wife is We had great sex through menopause. She was in perimenopause for many years. When she got to about 65 it started to change. Intercourse became painful for her and she developed an allergy to semen. Now intercourse is out of the question and she has no desire for anything other than hugs.

Needless to say, I'm not happy. I'm still very much attracted to her and still have desire for sex in our lives every couple weeks. I guess I should be grateful to even be alive. Matthew I was 28 and recently separated when I met J, who was also recently separated. She was beautiful, smart, fun-loving, wise, and she had led a fascinating life. Her remarkably fit body was the result of an ongoing commitment to ballet workouts.

She also was years-old. Over the next eight years, we enjoyed a wonderful life together, including a rich and varied sexual relationship.

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