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In a bid to make the game more fresh compared to other rhythm games, the direction your Mii and the instructor are facing is sometimes switched around and this encourages you to look at the screen where the perspective is from behind the dancers because it's easier to mimic the dance moves from that perspective. However, the two screen perspective isn't really enough of a refreshing change to make the game truly unique in its own right and as a result, Octopus Dance feels more like an unnecessary tech demo and filler more than anything else.

Things start off quite calmly but as you progress further into later areas, the game gets rather intense when you start having to navigate very tight turns and hazards like air ducts, oversized batteries, bombs and other vehicles while working around a demanding timer that allows for very little error and can easily end a race prematurely if you don't finish the area within the allowed time.

Visually, the game is one of the better looking solo attractions and also features some of the best music of the solo attractions. However, while the game offers up more of a challenge and has better visuals and audio compared to most of the other solo attractions, the bird's eye view on the Gamepad while interesting, isn't really of much practical use other than offering an alternative perspective to the player and the chosen Gamepad controls for this game feel forced and unnecessary.

Holding the Gamepad vertically on its side and needing to tilt the Gamepad to control the vehicle is rather cumbersome and becomes even more of an issue if the controller isn't correctly calibrated. Controlling the vehicle via the Gamepad's left analogue stick control would have been a much better and much more sensible option and the game would have been better off for it than it actually is with the forced Gamepad controls.

Metroid Blast - The most content filled and most versatile team attraction, Metroid Blast is one of the most complete attractions in Nintendo Land that features both distinctively different gunship aerial combat and on-foot combat for both single player and multiplayer. However, the game has a steep learning curve compared to all of the other attractions in Nintendo Land because of the games awkward and unnecessarily complicated controls that take some getting to. Also, the game is the least effective of the team attractions in masking the recycled content in the advanced missions not only in terms of look and composition of the arenas, but also with Ridley being copied and pasted into far too many of the missions.

The lack of Mother Brain as the final boss was also an inexcusable omission and enemy designs and their overall scale outside of bosses were generally a little bit on the underwhelming side. Pikmin Adventure - Makes good use of the Gamepads touch screen much like the other solo attraction games that feature stylus controls. Unlike Metroid Blast which has needlessly complicated controls, the controls in Pikmin Adventure are rather simple and work well. This game has the best overall variety in enemies and the best enemies overall including bosses of all the team attractions and the basic levelling up system with the nectar as well the introduction of elemental attacks in the advanced challenges helps to keep combat interesting throughout the challenges.

The challenges themselves are also quite lengthy as well often taking several minutes to get through playing at a regular pace. However, it is clearly apparent that this attraction was primarily designed to be played with more than one player as the game suffers from serious difficulty balance issues far more so than the other two team attractions , particularly in relation to the advanced time challenges and the time requirements to master all the challenges that border on being unfair and are near next to impossible to master outside of a virtually flawless perfect run in single player.

The difficulty of mastering challenges I think needed to be lowered just a little bit to make it a bit fairer and more realistic for single players to master the games challenges. Also, I think variety was a bit lacking in the level environments compared to Metroid Blast. I would have liked to see another area theme or two to make 5 or so unique areas rather than just the same 3 areas used for the entire game.

The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest - The simplest of the three team attractions. This game unlike Metroid Blast and Pikmin Adventure, doesn't allow forward movement so the game is essentially on-rails. This not only makes the game distinctive from the other team attractions, but it also makes combat with either the bow or sword unique in its own right given that evasive options outside of a select few bosses aren't available and you must attack the enemies head-on with quick precision to proceed, to avoid being hit and to avoid losing all your hearts.

This game is filled with more nostalgia than just about any other attraction in Nintendo Land and the ending of quests are quite satisfying in having your Mii raise the Triforce in triumph.

The game features well known re-worked music tracks from Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past which are sure to please Zelda enthusiasts. Quests are of a moderate difficulty and steadily go up in overall as you progress further into the game.

The later quests get rather challenging when only played with one player but the difficulty balance issues are not quite as bad as they are in Pikmin Adventure with the time requirements for mastering challenges. However, while the on-rails nature of the game helps in separating the game from the other team attractions, the over simplification of the games controls, puzzles and progression also works against the game as well. The Gamepad player i. Flashlight light is in limited supply and batteries can be picked up by the ghost chasers to replenish the flashlights power but the ghost has a charge magic ability that can temporarily disable the ghost chasers flashlights to leave them at the mercy of the Ghost.

On face value, it would appear that the game is heavily in favor of the ghost player but that isn't necessarily the case given that the stages are tightly confined and the ghost also has to avoid some Monita patrol guards as well with flashlights depending on the number of players so the game is surprisingly balanced. With its combination of much slower paced compared Mario Chase and Animal Crossing: Sweet Day, the smaller and tighter stages, the darker color schemes and the edgy music and sound effects, Luigi's Ghost Mansion is the most intense of the competitive attractions but it's also the most unique.

However, while the game is the most unique of the competitive attractions and the game has the most stages of all the competitive attractions in 5 stages, I would have liked to have seen some more customization options for the game like the ability to set the time allowed for a result to happen e. Mario Chase - The most fast-paced competitive chase attraction in Nintendo Land. The 3 arenas each have a distinctive feature about them with no frills colored paths for the 1st stage, mud pools for the 2nd stage and downward slide side paths for the third stage.

The Yoshi assistants are particularly ruthless and it takes some skilful and persistent running to avoid getting hit by them.

It's the combination of desperately trying to run away from the troll Yoshi's combined with the time limit and the Toad chasers only having a limited time of around 2 minutes or so to tackle the Mario Mii that makes this competitive attraction quite frantic.

However, this attraction tends to get annoying quite quickly due to featuring too many repetitive sounds with Monita constantly stating the colour of each zone every time the Mario Mii runs through that relevant coloured zone and the Yoshi assistants constantly saying Yoshi whenever they hit and take down the Mario Mii being chased.

The game could have done with a few more customization options like the amount of time allowed to tackle the Mario Mii and the amount of Yoshi assistants available for the Toad chasers imagine having to avoid 10 or more of these things!

The game also needed another 2 stages to round the total quantity of stages to 5 like Luigi's Ghost Mansion. Sweet Day - An extension of Mario Chase but with an additional candy collection requirement and a little bit more overall strategy. The game could have done with a few more customization options like the amount of time allowed to tackle the candy animals 3 times, the amount of tackles required to takedown an animal completely and the amount of candy required to be deposited into the silver dish to win.

With the game being woefully short on stages, it also really needed another 3 stages to round it to 5 like Luigi's Ghost Mansion. The game isn't jaw dropping by any stretch of the imagination, but when you compare Nintendo Land to past Wii Series games like Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, Nintendo Land looks considerably better with its crisper and sharper visuals. Many reviews were quick to criticize Nintendo Land's overall lack of content but I'm not sure I necessarily agree with this statement based on my time with the game.

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After Playing The Game For 50 Hours, Here Are My Final Thoughts On Nintendo Land... :

Also, score centric games like Donkey Kong's Crash Course and Balloon Trip Breeze would have benefited enormously from having online leaderboards where you could upload your personal best scores and compare them to the best in the world. Quests are of a moderate difficulty and steadily go up in overall as you progress further into the game. The game features well known re-worked music tracks from Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past which are sure to please Zelda enthusiasts. Visually, the game is one of the better looking solo attractions and also features some of the best music of the solo attractions.