Shaman king ending latino dating

shaman king ending latino dating

These are the characters from the manga and anime series Shaman King. ( Names in parenthesis refer to the English version of the anime.). Shaman King: The Abridged Series is created by Shamanstick but there are many other ones too! contemplate the creation of a movie to end off the second /final season aswell. Episodes, Air Date "Wooden Sword" Ryu - If there is one guy who can be hispanic, Elvis, AND a pedophile all at the same time, it has to be Ryu. Guest, Occupation, Date . The end trick is to accept the story as it goes. It's one of the only anime where I can honestly say the latin american . to both kids and adults while shaman king just seems straight up child show.

Shaman king ending latino dating - Yoh Asakura

The main character and the guy who holds the group together. After being defeated by Faust Yoh goes through mental training to avoid being overcome by his emotions.

As a result, whenever there is a crisis he still acts casual and barely shows any disturbance. Almost lampshaded in late part of the series when Chocolove states he is not a human for not reacting to Ryu and Faust receiving terrible wounds in the fight against Ren's team. In the anime, their friendship is explored further, in comparison with the manga. At least compared to every one else.

He's ish during the series. Love at First Punch: No literally; when he and Anna first met, he gawked at how cute she was — she on the other hand told him to get out of her way and go drop dead. Even though she frightened him, he still couldn't help but admit he still finds her kinda cute. We get a little peak in on Yoh's early years in the first Shaman King Zero special.

We find him speculating that it would be best if he didn't become Shaman King, because he would probably end up killing all the humans himself. Refusal of the Call: Yoh originally had no interest in becoming the Shaman King, believing that if he won humanity wouldn't survive. In the anime, Anna saved Yoh and because of this he promised Anna that he would make her the Shaman Queen when he becomes the Shaman King.

In the manga, it is Yoh who saved Anna. He can spend hours just standing and looking the scenery. Also his motivation to be Shaman King is to win so he won't have to do anything. We never see him actually smoke, but much of his clothing has marijuana leaves on them. Though perhaps they are more just to add to his hippy vibe than actually say that he uses. Take a Third Option: Being defeated by Hao would cost him his soul. Defeating Hao would cost Hao's life. He instead chooses to open Hao's heart as he notes that he has been lonely for several years.

His headphones are such an integral part of his character that seemingly every villain calls him "headphones" at one point or another, but he stops using them after the first few chapters. Supposedly he has them in the first place to block out other people's thoughts. How headphones help avoid mind-reading is another big question. In reality they belong to his father and he stole them so he could feel closer to him. Happens so much that Manta actually believes he is a genius when it comes to helping others during a fight.

However, Anna claims that's just Yoh following his heart. What the Hell, Hero? Everything Yoh does always gives these types of reactions but what could probably be the worst is that he takes coffee with the Big Bad , Hao! Most of his friends react horribly to this. He is very powerful and wise but quite taciturn and extremely devoted. He was greatly known for killing several hundred soldiers during a battle.

For many years it was believed that he'd turned rogue, and tried to kill the emperor. It turns out that he'd only tried to protect his best friend Mosuke. He is the original handler of the legendary sword named "Harusame", meaning "Spring Rain", a sword forged by Mosuke, who also appeared in the anime and manga as a spirit. For over years while waiting for Mosuke, and he would have been there for another too.

Now that's a true friend! He is as much as a Badass as he is made fun of. His signature Amida-Buddha style requires him to dual wield katanas. He's just as good with one sword as he is with two, though. Amidamaru was known as the Fiend for betraying his lord and slaughtering hundreds.

The details were of course left out of the history books. Katanas Are Just Better: Harusame, the sword previously used by Amidamaru, is Yoh's spirit medium.

Leave Him to Me: Tries this once or twice with Yoh but Yoh never goes along with it. Which almost always leads to Both Gokoujin and Shinkuu Buddha Giri are a move that is associated with him. According to Amidamaru himself the latter is his Ougi. With Yoh of course! During the Warring States Period. In life he was an unbeatable swordsman, but served a corrupt warlord who betrayed him and led to his death.

His Shinkuu Buddha Giri is a blast of compressed air that can strike at a range. It's strong enough to break a sword clean in half by itself. He is very expressive and a bit panicky. He physically resembles a Koropokkur known as "minutians" in the English anime , and has been mistaken for one on several occasions In the anime, during the Shaman Tournament, Manta became a shaman, his spirit is Mosuke, Amidamaru's best friend who forged Harusame Sword of Light in the anime. He is however not capable of maintaining spirit form for very long because he's so young and untrained, he runs out of furyoku.

His ghost combines with his laptop, when he's unable to escape dangers, and forms a hammer. This can also be seen as a parallel to the relationship of Amidamaru and Mosuke as Amidamaru are spirit partners with Manta and Yoh respectively.

In the anime only. Manta becomes a shaman with Mosuke as his spirit partner. All of the Other Reindeer: Even without shaman powers which ostracizes almost anyone in the series, he's bullied for being small. In the earlier chapters, Manta narrated his adventures with Yoh. Big Book Of Everything: His Manjien or "Mantannian Dictionary" in the English anime that he always carries around has detailed knowledge of just about anything.

And it's a surprisingly effective weapon too. Especially in the earlier chapters. He frequently has panic attacks and worries constantly over the safety of himself and others, but he'll also loyally follow Yoh and the others into near-certain death if there's the slimmest chance he can provide some assistance to them.

Sadly this trait never really gets to shine after the Tao Jun incident; see Demoted to Extra. He met Yoh while rushing to catch the train home from this. As the series progressed and became more cynical about ordinary humans, Manta was given less appearances in comparison with Team Ren and other Shaman characters. Averted in the anime, where Manta was more consistently present. The specific point where he definitely gets demoted would be phase 2 of the tournament where all the Shaman contestants have to fly to America.

As Manta isn't a contestant, he stays behind in Japan, at least until the end of phase 2. When his friends need his help, do not get in his way. He took out a street gang with a dictionary. Blunt trauma is his damage of choice. In the anime it's literal, especially when taking out Hao's shikigami. In the manga, he manages to do a surprising amount of damage with a dictionary. Made more explicit in the manga.

Manta's anxiety seems to be due to his father's constant pressure and his cold home environment, and he looks down on anything Manta does that isn't academic because Manta will one day inherit his company. Manta's father finding out about the existence of Shamans led to a more extreme and even less sympathetic version of this.

His family is extremely cold and distant, he lives totally alone in his own house with only a paid assistant for occasional company, and his "friends" previous to Yoh frequently ostracized him. The only non-Shaman hero and Yoh's first real friend outside of the Asakura's close circle. But yes, completely ordinary. Manta's actually not that bad of a character for someone who only reaches the rest of the casts' knees. He's unquestionably loyal and courageous despite his clear anxiety issues, with arguably a much more interesting character conflict than many of the shamans who took his place in the core cast.

He struggles to find some way to help his friends despite everyone, even them, telling him his role as the Muggle Best Friend inherently makes him useless.

Unfortunately, being Demoted to Extra in the manga cut any resolution for him out of the story. He's by far the shortest member of the cast, and is probably the smartest.

Too bad the plot focuses mostly on battle prowess and brawn. He has an encyclopedic literally knowledge of matters that most of the shamans in the series are completely ignorant of. It's a sure sign that he studies as hard as his family wants him to. With shades of Captain Obvious. Being a normal human with no previous experience dealing with Shamans, he frequently asks the questions the audience is thinking and makes comments on odd things he sees for clarification.

Throw the Dog a Bone: In becoming a Shaman in the anime, Manta was again given importance to the plot. To his friends, to the point where he'll run head first into danger if there's the slightest chance he can help, regardless of how scared he is. Anna Kyoyama Voiced by: She is a spirit medium. Her special ability is channeling spirits even from the "other side".

She "tortures" Yoh in his training in order for him to win the Shaman Tournament and for her to become Shaman Queen, as he promised to her when they were children. She is also very powerful despite of her looks. Aggressive and decisive, Anna is a pragmatic person who, to most, appears cold and harsh.

However, she has shown that she genuinely cares for those important to her, especially Yoh. She doesn't do much fighting - she's a Medium, not a Shaman - but when properly motivated, she can kick all kinds of ass. She's this in the sequel series, after giving birth to her son Hana. Her slap is so armor piercing that she's the first and one of the very, very few people in the series to actually hurt Hao.

She has a son with Yoh, named Hana who appears in the epilogue. Flowers means he had to have been conceived during the tournament and Anna was already pregnant for two thirds of the manga series. As revealed in her backstory, a lot of Anna's harsh and cold attitude comes from having been exposed to the negative thoughts and emotions of others from a young age due to being unable to control her mind-reading abilities.

This made Anna hate everyone around her and she lived in isolation until she met Yoh, who freed her from the darkness that haunted her everyday. The two times she cried in canon, though? Her left-handed slap is infamous. In the flashback chapters when we witness Yoh and Anna's first meeting, young Anna is very cold to Yoh, saying he's lame and that she cannot believe he's her future husband.

When Yoh promises to become the Shaman King for her, Anna begins to warm up to him. Anna is based on a character of the same name and similar appearance from creator Hiroyuki Takei's previous series Butsu Zone, who also had her own manga, Itako no Anna.

She's the first girl we meet in the series, as well as the first girl Yoh ever met. This leads to her becoming his wife. Anna is one surprisingly enough to Hao. Like Hao, she had the ability to read the minds of everyone around her with little ability to control what she hears. She began to fall into misanthropy just like Hao, but Yoh was able to connect to her and renew her faith in humanity, saving her from the same fate that befell Hao.

Since then, she has been firmly on the side of good. Before she met Yoh. Her reishi mind-reading ability was so out of control that she was constantly bombarded by the negative thoughts and emotions of people around her, so she confined herself to her room as much as possible.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She seems like a no nonsense hardass at first taking advantage of Yoh and giving him merciless work. Deep down, we eventually see she's got a good, heroic and caring nature, even though she does sometimes try to deny it. An Itako to be more specific, a traditional Japanese spirit medium.

She's a particularly anime-fied version of this, as she's much younger than an Itako would be expected to be, is not blind as most Itako are, and does not live the medium's ascetic lifestyle. As mentioned, she originally had no control over her abilities, and was driven to isolation by the negative thought and emotions of others. Not So Above It All: She manages to get momentarily flustered when Redseb said that he expects if his mom was still around, she would be like Anna.

Her parents abandoned her when she was a very little girl because of her ability to read minds - a power she was born with and couldn't control. Flowers , this means he had to have been conceived during the tournament. This means that Anna is pregnant for two thirds of the manga series, though it's unknown if she was aware of it herself.

She takes advantage of her engagement to Yoh in order to do nothing that hasn't been paid for by someone else, usually Yoh or Manta. In her defense, Anna considers the Training from Hell menus she organizes for Yoh as well as making sure that he follows them as a good enough payment. And boy, does it pay fruits. She's a Spirit Medium, so she's got all kinds of powers, including being able to read minds. A prequel chapter reveals that she didn't care much for Yoh until he saved her from an evil spirit she accidentally created.

Single Woman Seeks Good Man: She's determined to becoming "Shaman Queen" and wife to Yoh, the first person who accepted her unconditionally and became her friend. Aloof, cold and very hard-ass, but she's undoubtedly a good and caring girl deep down. She got pregnant with Yoh's child at She's very harsh on her fiance Yoh and is often torturing him with her trainings, but that's because she loves him very much and wants him to keep his promise to win the Shaman Tournament and make her Shaman Queen.

As explained in the manga as a child, Anna had intense mind-reading abilities that she couldn't control. She was able to hear the negative thoughts of other people, leading her to hate them. The combination of her shamanic powers and hatred unintentionally created demons that would attack people. Poor Anna lived in fear of her own abilities until she met Yoh, who helped her overcome the demons.

Well, Excuse Me, Princess! She can't stand her fiance slacking off and is constantly pushing Yoh to work harder to become Shaman King. In the manga, he is seen to first have a grudge against Yoh for slicing his hair off this is a running gag throughout the first part of the series and then discovers that Yoh is a Shaman, and can work with spirits.

He goes off to his gang's new 'hang' which is the run down Bowling Ally, where he breaks down and believes he's useless. He gets possessed by Tokagero who is out for revenge on Amidamaru. The possessed Ryu breaks into the museum, and steals Harusame, at the same time kidnapping Manta.

He confronts Yoh and Amidamaru, and orders Amidamaru to integrate with his master so they can fight. Tokagero mocks Amidamaru saying that the same blade that was supposed to save his life will take his life instead. After remembering how much Harusame meant to his friend Mosuke, Amidamaru breaks Harusame and Tokagero is surprised.

Yoh says that Tokagero had already lost, because of Amidamaru's commitment to Mosuke. He tells him that he should just move on. Ryu's gang then attack him, and tell Ryu to fight back. Soon after, Tokagero pulls out a knife and tries to kill Ryu, but the painful stress of two souls fighting each other makes him unable to control Ryu's body.

Having no other option, Yoh offers Tokagero to possess him, which he does. After saying it was foolish, Tokagero tries to kill Yoh, but realizes that he can't bring himself to do it, and after receiving trust from Yoh he doesn't need to take revenge. This ends the struggle, and later Ryu becomes a shaman due to the experience.

It starts off as a massive pompadour, and only gets more and more ridiculous each time it's damaged. Yet another part of his delinquent persona. Hinted in a rather creepy manner. To his credit, it didn't go beyond PG, and he is a very devoted friend otherwise, not to mention he's not really that old, still being a minor. He's the butt of several running gags in the series, and he's almost guaranteed to be physically harmed for the sake of comedy in one scene or another.

Getting his pompadour lopped off and otherwise mutilated becomes a Running Gag for the first third of the series. He starts as this with his gang, although they are very clean as Japanese Delinquents go he prohibits them alcohol or smoking, since they're all underage. After the events of the show, he and Tamao become this, dominating all the other gangs in the Funbari area. He practically bows down to Yoh and Anna's every whim after this. He was originally just an ordinary guy, but he trained to become a Shaman after getting his butt kicked by Yoh.

Cause Shamanstick was a lazy ass and didn't actually go into detail on it. HoroHoro - This kid is probably the stereotype to Canadians and Surfers everywhere. His deep voice and yelling DUDE describe that he may be a surfer.

He does snowboard a lot, so this would make it seem like the obvious thing although the obvious joke to make is that he's Canadian. Shamanstick stood away from this joke but somehow, it still wriggled it's way in Lyserg Diethel - This British kid is strange. First, he flashes people to introduce himself. Second, he's angsty and is like a green-haired version of Sasuke. With all three of those reasons, Takei and Shaman probably both said, "Okay shut up will put him in!

This guy is a complete douche. Basically, he's been shut out of the series until Season 2 and even at the start he has barely gotten a single bit of screen time. Silva - Shaman officials show dignity and grace. Silva, shows nothing but regret that he is even a part of the Shaman Council.

Being an Asakura protector is a big job but somehow, he has found a way to cope. Mainly, the way he copes is called Budwiser. Upon going into Japan, she immeadiately went back to her career. Her policy on refunds do not include a full cash refund if you contract a bad STD. Although, her "Family Discount" gets quite a bit of popularity. You can all head to the can now to barf. Tamera hangs around the house hold of the Asakuras, only after she tracked Yoh down for bad child support cheques in Episode 12 was she extremely happy as her "husband" was finally paying some attention to her.

Anna is still plotting the best way to kill her. Kalim Voiced by Zeromaster - Some people think that Canadians say eh all the time and that people of heritage do not. Kalim just contradicted all of it. This Newfoundlander has done nothing but break the solmn code of Canadians.


shaman king ending latino dating

As explained in the manga as a child, Anna had intense mind-reading abilities that she couldn't control. Anna is one surprisingly enough to Hao.