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Marlon Wayans and Nick Swardson in A Haunted House () Marlon Wayans Scary Movie 2 . The movie's release date, January 11th, , was the original release date for Scary Movie 5 () before the latter moved to April 12th, . Amazon Affiliates. Amazon Video Watch Movies & TV Online · Prime Video. This item:A Haunted House 2 by Marlon Wayans DVD $ . Restricted; Studio : Universal Pictures Home Entertainment; DVD Release Date: August 12, Read Common Sense Media's A Haunted House 2 review, age rating, and parents guide. Cellphones · Screen Time · Privacy and Online Safety · Social Media . Parents need to know that A Haunted House 2 is the sequel to the Marlon Wayans' horror-spoof A Haunted House. Stay up to date on new reviews. Get full.

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Cops are shown beating the main character briefly. A priest stabs another priest. There's a joke about several black men raping a white man in jail.

A woman is shown with her head twisted around, and another woman is impaled, with blood shown. A character "throws up" a demon, with red stuff gushing out of his mouth. Sex The main character has a long, drawn-out sex scene with a doll. Though the scene is not "real," and no nudity is shown aside from the man's naked bottom , it's fairly graphic and runs the gamut of sexual positions and experiences.

Viewers see "naked" pictures of the doll, including fake nipples, and bondage shots. The main character also has a sex scene with his girlfriend; again, there's no nudity shown, but there are very strong sexual references such as the woman's "squirting" orgasm. Two women are shown topless on two occasions. A man admires his girlfriend's clothed bottom while she's bent over. A sex toy is shown. A fake penis is shown in the back of a young woman's throat. Plus almost constant sex talk and sexual innuendo.

Language Language is nearly constant, with uses of the "N" word, "f--k," "motherfr," "s--t," "ass," "bitch," "a--hole," "vagina," "balls," "loser," and "goddamn," as well as constant sexual innuendo. Consumerism Febreze is mentioned in a joke about cleaning carpets after a gory episode. In one scene, he drinks the entire bottle, smokes some pot, takes a mouthful of pills, and shoots heroin before passing out and waking up in a puddle of vomit.

In other scenes, a priest snorts cocaine, and most of the cast smokes pot. A child has a tea party with vodka served, though only a grown-up drinks it on screen. The parents' guide to what's in this movie. Positive Messages The movie is mostly filled with questionable behavior that doesn't have any consequences. Even the loving couple at the center of the story tends to argue and treat each other with disrespect.

Their primary goals seem to be selfish and carnal, rather than helpful or considerate. Violence The hero's dog is killed by a car; the dog's body which looks fake is shown. Horror violence includes a ghost attacking and a woman being possessed by a demon; the scare factor is diffused by the movie's comic tone.

Sex A long montage shows the main character performing several practice sexual acts with a stuffed animal. Three topless women are viewed in a brief "party" scene. The neighbors are "swingers" who try to convince the main characters to join them. A "mandingo party" is briefly shown black men having sex with a white woman, while the woman's husband watches. Men's naked bottoms are glimpsed.

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