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Potentials Here you will be given an overview of all training types and which players still can benefit from that training. In doing so you can pick and choose which skills are at least to be achieved.

Of course, only those potentials that were given by the scout or coach can be taken into consideration. It is absolutely possible that a player has hidden potentials. I am the coach! On this page you see both the star ratings of the players as well as his skills and potentials. Here you can specify a default lineup, which is then considered by the other lineup recommandation pages.

Therefore we can certainly recommend to only store the players that you surely want to train and then to generate a line up by one of the previously presented variants of the line up recommadation! Skill analyses At the skill analysis you can see the star rating for every skill on the relevant positions as well as the skill levels of the seperate players. If the player has completed only one game at that position and have had a weather event, only the cloud appears.

If move the mouse over the cloud, you will see the star rating for the corresponding performance. If the player has reached the maximum skill level according to us, the fields is and max will be connected.

If the coach confirms our analysis, a lock appears behind the skill level. The lock will also appear if the player has been manually selected by you as fully trained. If we do not know the maximum skill, we warn you with an exclamation point in a stop sign. A hint for training, we show by an exclamation point in a yellow triangle. In the skillmatrix the gradient adapts to the skill level.

If a player has a low skill level, it will be highlighted in yellow. Player position matrix Here you can see the star ratings your current players got for all their positions and orientations. If they got a lower rating, it will be highlighted in yellow.

Scout page Here you can insert the time span during which a scout worked for you as well as the total number of your scouts. This is important to get an accurate personal profit and loss statement.

Down on the right you will hopefully see a green number — this would represent a profit. You can choose between two different variants of financial statistics: Based on actual sales price - These financial statistics are based on actual sales, so the value that the players have actually made, regardless of whether they were being trained in the senior team.

Based on the average transfer price at the time of promotion - This statistic only takes the value into account, that the players have when they are promoted therefore you have to insert the average transfer price when the player is promoted , regardless of whether and when the player was sold. Statistics page Various statistics are available, the sperate statistics pages can be selected from the scroll-down menu.

General Here, the number of currently active users is recorded and what data they have inserted so far. Users Which languages have our users picked? Which country are they from? Which currency do they use? In addition, here you find the statistics of donations, so far, most donations come from Germany, make sure that it stays that way … or that it will change depends where you come from! Coach and scout comments Here you see in which category, for all academies, the most scout and coach comments are received.

Scouting Here you can see for each country, how many players are seached in which regions and what player type was searched for. Top 20 Here, the 20 best players from the entire Hattrick Youthclub are listed in the categories highest TSI and highest transfer price. Top 10 of your players This is about your youthteam players.

Who had the highest TSI? Which players had the biggest transfer price? Who achieved the most stars, who received a yellow card most frequently and who the most red? Who scored the most goals? Who was in the line up most often?

Training Here you can see what the other Youthclub users have picked as primary and secondary training. Search player page Here you can search our database for player names. Please note that you can only search for the complete name first and last name. Partner page We work together with certain websites, in the future it will be possible that many professional manager tools load your data from our site, so that you can manage your youthplayers together with the professionals.

Others check, when you promote a player to the proffesionals, if he is a candidate for the U Who else is working with us, or has a license from us can be found on this page. Foxtrick Among many countless benefits Foxtrick also provides some interesting features for users of Hattrick Youth Club. On the Hattrick players page, there are buttons on the right side, to copy the source code that is required to create the player at Hattrick Youthclub.

There is a similar button on the side of the training reports, with which you can easily copy the entire training report to our site. The remaining steps are identical to the normal procedure. Moreover, you can use this page to contact us. If you want to write an email to all of us, just click on Send message to the team.

Otherwise select the user you want to contact and then click on Send message to User. Here you will also find those users that can answer you in your own language.

Who is online Here you can see who is currently online. By clicking on the user name you can see his or her profile. The profile shows you how many data this user has inserted so far. Furthermore, you can send him or her an internal message. E instruments studio grand downtown. This is where the e kreyszig advanced engineering mathematics. Flag for inappropriate content. Indiana jones castellano online dating now, they are taking over the business..

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Lietuvos kino teatruose rodytų filmų TOPAS ( m.) Up to date :

Condition for this is that the manager of the team you play against, is registered with us, otherwise no points will be distributed. There you can see at what place you are in the ranking.

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