Shes dating the gangster full summary

'It's a film that is admittedly delightful, and satisfyingly charming, but it's also a film that doesn't challenge its material or its characters,' writes. Read Chapter 1 from the story She's Dating The Gangster by gioxo1 ( or not this guy would get angry with me, or if he'd just let the whole situation go. Financial analysis of She's Dating the Gangster () including budget, Summary; News; Box Office; Video Sales; Full Financials; Cast &.

Shes dating the gangster full summary - See a Problem?

She's Dating the Gangster earns P15 million on its first day "Kilig much? But while it stands close to derailing the film from its initially lighthearted tracks, the film manages to stay on course thanks to its charming cast. Without giving too much away, Kenji and Athena make the noble, arguably harder, decision.

But while there is no mistaking the sacrifice of both Kenji and Athena, there is also an alarming sense of disappointment to their love story. That love is an excuse.

But it turns out that Kenji and Athena are made of less hardy stuff. When challenged, their love bends, then folds, but ultimately breaks. Love-struck audiences all over the country will undoubtedly wish for a love as great as Kenji and Athena's.

But to that, one should say, No. Ask for something greater. Ask for something stronger. Ask for a relationship that is stronger than Kenji and tougher than Athena. At the middle of the story, I already got a hint on Athena being sick. I almost lost the interest on finishing the story. It may have a tragic ending, but it sure is a good story that is worth your time.

I almost cried at work because of that. So very normal, I can relate on the characters pretty well. So why 4 stars?

I want happy ending, so I minus 1, making it 4 stars! Others may not like it, but surprisingly, I did. Final Thoughts I am not a believer in love, but this story will give you an idea what true love is and what a person can do because of it. But it is worth every tear you will shed.

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