Im5 who is dana dating

im5 who is dana dating

Published Date 19th Jan. However, Dana announced that he was leaving IM5 in March Is Dana Vaughns Dating Someone?. Dana Vaughns Education: Dana Vaughns is a young but already famous performer in the pop music industry. His bandmates are Cole Pendery and Gabe Morales. IM5 - Dana. Biographical. Full Name. Dana Vaughns II. Gender. Male. Date of Birth. January 2, Place of Birth. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.. Eye Color .

im5 who is dana dating

Dana Vaughns :

im5 who is dana dating

Will was in his underwear in the snow. Pumpkin spice latte with whipped cream. She was about your 15 years old.

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When you realized and looked back at him, he would quickly move his head as if he wasn't looking. It made you giggle considering he was so shy about it. When you are partnered for a project, Will is nervous when talking about topic ideas. He stutters and starts saying random things. When you ask your friends about why he's acting so weird they reply back that it's because he has a crush on you and that you've been oblivious the whole time regarding it. You have to blind to not see it" your honest friend tells you.

You just smile at the thought and decide to take matters into your own hands. But you being in a relationship with someone else got in the way. You and Dalton were close friends, until you got into a relationship.

Dana had to stay away because it killed him seeing you with someone else. One night, you made plans with Dana to hang out, but he ditched you out of fear. You were so angry that you drove up to his house and yelled at him. He admits that he loves you and that's why he can't be around you.

That's when you find out the truth all along. Because every time you're near me. I just want to grab you and kiss you" Dalton confesses. You look him straight in the eyes, completely shocked. He told you to meet him in the middle of main hall during the middle of third period. You had the biggest crush on Gabe and rumor was that he also had a crush on you.

He had a huge smile on your face and his friend, Will was holding a poster behind him. You smiled and held your hands to your mouth in shock.

The rest of the night was amazing. His parents loved you and they said that they could tell that you were the one for him. You were at Dana's house helping him cook dinner. You were meeting his parents today and you wanted to show them that this night was very important to you.

So you and Dana decided to cook dinner for them. His parents weren't home yet but they would get there any second. You put all the plates on the table when the door opened. Dana quickly ran off to your side and grabbed your hand. Nice to meet you" He offered you his hand and took it "Yes that's me. Nice to meet you too" You smiled. Then you turned to his mom "Hi sweetheart" she said "Hi" They both looked at the table "It smells wonderful" said Dana's mom "Did you cook all this?

Yes she did cook this wonderful dinner for you guys, she wanted to make something special for you" said Dana. You all sat down at the table and started eating and talking. Everything was going great. So I was wondering if you are okay with me dating your son? For a minute you thought they were having second thoughts about you but they smiled and said "We are more than okay with that. Our son is very lucky to have a girl like you at his side" Gabe: You and Gabe had been dating for a month now and today was the day you were meeting his mom for the first time.

You were going to this family reunion that Gabe's family did every year. So instead of only meeting his mom you were meeting his whole family. You weren't nervous because you were very confident in yourself. You were just going to be yourself and hope for the best. When you got there Gabe introduced you to his mom -who seemed to like you a lot and then he introduced you to his cousin. She was about your 15 years old. Someone called Gabe's name "I have to go help my mom with something.

I'll be right back" when he left his cousin looked straight into your eyes"I don't like you" she said "Oh" you said "was it because if something I did? Well let me tell you something beauty queen, Gabe's mom doesn't even like you" Okay now you were furious. You weren't gonna be judge by someone you barely even knew "I'm sorry if you don't like me but you are so wrong about me.

I don't think I can get any guy. I love Gabe and I feel very lucky to have him as my boyfriend. And his mom seems like a wonderful person" you said. The girl smiled "Oh please, do you know how many times he has brought girlfriends to this family reunion?

You're just like the rest" and with that she left. You were always confident about yourself but not this time. Now you felt like just another one of Gabe's girlfriends. You didn't feel special anymore. You turned around to see Gabe and his mom standing there. They way I feel about you is something that I've never felt with anyone" he said.

im5 who is dana dating

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