Libros de esparcimiento yahoo dating

libros de esparcimiento yahoo dating

la creación de espacios para el uso del tiempo libre y el esparcimiento con sentido social, y el rescate . Disponible en: ar/libros/osal/osal16/ 5/, dated February 11 (Regulates the 5th article and number 2 of the 16th article of the Law No. E-mail: [email protected] Hay también una versión en español del libro, publicado por Vintage Español programas recreativos y de esparcimiento para sordos/faltos de audición o OF CHICAGO AS TRUSTEE UNDER A TRUST AGREEMENT DATED JUNE 8, Interested candidates email resume to [email protected] com. José Francisco Avila wrote: Date: Tue, 9 Jan Él/ella mantendrá o causará a ser mantenidos cualquier otros libros que En la mayoría de las madres el esparcimiento entre los hijos es menor de.

libros de esparcimiento yahoo dating

Libros de esparcimiento yahoo dating -

According to her is the most important recognition she ever gotten. The program of such event is in our files. After the event concluded, Mrs, Amaya-Bonilla proceeded to asked the public "Now what?

To which they responded: The first invitation letter and membership application was drafted by Ms. Carlota Tifre, who also loaned the organization her P,O. Through the encouragement of Manuela Sabio and Mr. Alberto Sabio the organization members began to research our Garifuna history and as a result of such research our proceeding big activity after becoming a formal organization, was a Debutante Ball an event never seen in our community.

During this activity our debutantes were the following individuals: Debutante 10 Adelina Mariano 20 In during our planning and development of the organization, the membership brainstorm about ways and means for the organization to raise funds for the plan activities. At one of those meetings our President Mrs.

Lydia Hill suggested the sponsoring of a Valentine's Day Dinner which was approved by the membership and the first one was held on Friday, Febebruary16th , at the Honduras Emporium. This event became so successful, that it became the organization's main source of funding and the organization will be celebrating the 10th annual celebration in February , During this same period after extensive research and findings we learned about our exiled from our beloved mother country Yurumei St.

The logo was artistically design by one of Mrs. In May of the same year MUGAMA conducted community forum to name the explained an idea the members had developed about a Scholarship Fund, and to discuss the naming of such scholarship. During the meeting, Mrs. Williamson theory that each person has a set of unique abilities and capabilities seeking to organize and maintain life, utilizing his unique traits and other experts conclusion that each individual is a product of the climate he or she is surrounded by as a rationale, Mrs Dionisia Bonilla-Amaya and Ms.

Lynette Rogers elected to organize a career and Educational opportunities conference which they entitle Inspire to Aspire. The purpose of this conference was to inspire our youths from the local community to aspire at furthering their education by pursuing a college or vocational career, in order to improve their chances on the labor pool of the 21st Century.

Mrs Amaya-Bonilla and Ms. Roger brought together a panel of local professionals from diverse fields in the educational system and other careers who have committed themselves in the development of our youths and contributed their individual efforts to support the academic and cultural advancement of our youngsters. Roger, due to the death of her mother the day prior to the conference and was followed by the invocation by Monsignor James Spangler.

What follows is a brief description of the subjects addressed by each of the participant during their individual presentation. Mr Angel Ortiz - Religious Teacher Open the conference by sharing his experience with the audience of how church help him change from a bad boy to a good boy and how he's been able to share his knowledge with other youths.

Lila Hanes - Medgar Evers College She delivered an excellent presentation about the different Financial Aid programs available to students, detailing the different requirements and the different amounts available. Hon Robert Hunter Community School Board 16 Delivered the keynote speech, and share his experience of growing in Brooklyn's though neighborhood and overcoming the negative surroundings. He also share his experience of failing on his first try at a college career and being familiar with the distractions face by today's youth.

He expressed the importance of family support as well as encouraging the youths to strive for economic power in their neighborhoods, by increasing their ownership of local businesses. He also share his experience as coordinator of the transition of prisoners from jail to society as free individuals and advice the youths that it's easier to stay in school and obtain a degree or an occupation, than it's to deal with jail and the streets.

Tomas Alberto Avila - Mechanical Engineer, GE Boston Opened the career session of the program, addressing the audience about what inspire him to aspire. He proceeded to relate his story of how his first job as a maintenance person during his High School days gave him the incentive to pursue a college, when he use to be emptying waste baskets and felt uncomfortable doing so.

Although he was young, he realized that the only difference with him and the people he was cleaning after, was a college degree. He also shaded light to his experience of being a contributor in the design and development of the GE's F and T aircraft engines that power the F18 Attack craft, B52 Bomber and the Apache and Black Hawk helicopters that had an outstanding participation in the recent Persian gulf war.

Carlos Gamboa - District Manager of Op. Ameris Company Mr Gamboa, made an excellent presentation about he's experience in growing up in Brooklyn's project and facing up to challenges of drugs gangs and tugs in the neighborhood 22 and how he proved his high school counselor who had question his desired to attend the University Of New York as well as others who doubt him. Mr Gamboa's used of a overhead projector to show the audience the decline in the number of undergraduates and advance degrees obtain by the under-represented ethnic groups.

After he concluded his presentation the audience was still wondering what was his point and after being asked by one of the participant, he responded, you must have a "SMART" Plan it has to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Mr Jose Francisco Avila - Manager, FAXTAX Dallas, Texas Jose had a short time to delivered his speech, due to the late start of the program and the fast advancement of time as the audience absorbed all the information being shared with them, but this didn't take away from his eloquent presentation in the short time allotted.

He explained how this being the baseball season, he was going to show our youths how you can have 3 strikes against you an still not be out. He proceeded to explain strike no. By this time the audience was edgy and curious to find out what was strike no. He continue to state that even with these 3 strikes against him, he overcame them all and shattered all the misconception the media has about under-represented children and how his theory in life has become to be, that handicap is a metal status rather than a physical one.

Maralyn Parker - Dean of School of Nursing Interfaith Hosp Mrs Parker speech was addressed to audience, to clarify alot of the myths youngster have about the nursing profession, like how labor intensive it's, it's a female profession and the long hours put in by nurses.

She gave a very good description of how important a career in nursing is, by stating that nurses is blessed profession because nurses are their when human beings arrive to this earth, during their growing development and they're there during our death. She encouraged the youngsters to consider a career in nursing and to forget about all the myths they've heard about it, because she's been in the profession long enough to know that it's all a myth.

Mrs Vernalyn Blencowe - Teacher's Ass. Vincent Mrs Blencowe's speech was very thrilling and very different than most of the other speakers, in that she removed the context of educational achievement and concentrated instead in attaining the basics of education in other to secure a successful journey towards the achievement of an education.

She based a lot of her statement on her experience as teacher in Saint Vincent as well as her experience in this country. She advice the audience to work hard at becoming proficient in writing, because 23 that way they'll be able to get their points across in a clear and concise manner and to get use to writing everything, because the more they write the better writers they'll become.

Mrs Shirley Spillers New York City Board Of Education Mrs Spillers started her speech by informing the audience that she had been thrilled by all the speakers that preceded her and many of the points she had prepared in her notes had been addressed throughout he afternoon, but that she enjoyed that fact, because it let her know that everybody in the conference had the same interest in education and motivating our youngsters to succeed in it.

She proceeded to addressed the crowed from her prepared notes, depicting the historical statistics of under-represented children throughout history and shared her experience of how she overcame all of these statistics by pursuing a degree and continuing her quest for higher goals.

Participating Organizations There are several individuals and organizations involved in the planning of this conference and they are.

Lynette Lewis-Roger Youth coordinator Mrs. Developed and produced our Bylaws. In other words, how does the space of your identity as a Puerto Rican, as a woman, and as an artist shift back and forth between the personal and the global? Yes, over 15 years living in Chicago, visiting Puerto Rico twice a year. Somehow, when you move from your original place, it becomes almost impossible to feel like home is home.

My home was designated to me way before I was born. It is a game of acceptance, the one that you have to play in your mind to stay cool. How I exercise Latin American Art [ 37 ] octubre-marzo self-acceptance helps me build a clearer work will translate into a visual experience and a global conversation.

So it is not necessary for me to understand all the profoundly disappointing political structures man has constructed to barricade its shame. I will be classified as irrationally ignorant politically speaking. The generous amounts of patriarchal mentality I have inherited makes me believe that becoming an artist was the most radical move I have made in my life.

Can you speak to the specific valences of the materials you used in addition to the flag imagery you drew upon? I selected traditional archival injekt print paper to produce the Tropicalamerican series. The generous support system at the RR presented the option of using fabric to print this series. We tested a sample of a type of injekt printable silk that turned out to be quite attractive.

As it is a costly production I was able to produce one single set. The act of elaborating a surface or a material rigorously could be described as crafting. Despite the use of technology to facilitate the production of this project, technology ended up being used as a craft tool. The handling of the computer worked in parallel to a sewing machine.

A lot of this and previous work of your deploys repeated and interlocking motifs, and fractals, in which the parts aggregate into a whole; what is your attraction to this rhythmic compositional strategy?

Teaching high school for more than a decade influenced greatly my appreciation for basic forms, like coils to create shapes, or mirror shapes to create symmetry. My work used to be visually overcrowded and took some years and editing to get to the right place. I think this argument is validating Photoshop as an art form. I think theirs various approaches to using this medium to create a representation.

When obvious at first site, Photoshop is not respected as hand made craft is respected. They both require equal mastering, patience and skills. The insincere devaluation of this tool as an art form is just pure denial. She has published numerous articles on Cuban visual culture and is presently at work on a book manuscript examining the intersection of race and gender in Cuban national identity.

Puerto Rico is a Chicago based artist and educator. Immediately after, she attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. She has exhibited nationally and internationally. Esta residencia es lo que todo artista aspira a experimentar en su carrera. Estas plantas se convirtieron en mi fuente de trabajo para el resto del mes. En general, no es una presencia que se adhiere a las mentes de la gente. El proceso fue intenso y agotador.

Algunos aspectos aunque no todos de los trabajos que usted produjo en la residencia son una divergencia marcada de trabajo su anterior: De alguna manera, cuando usted se mueve de su lugar original, se hace casi imposible sentirse como en casa en tu casa. Latin American Art [ 39 ] octubre-marzo que yo naciera. No creo que sea una coincidencia al azar. Mucho de este trabajo y trabajo previos suyos despliegan motivos repetidos, entrelazados y fractales, en el que las partes se agregan en un todo.

Ambos requieren igual dominio, paciencia y habilidad. Edra Soto, nacida en Puerto Rico en , es una artista que reside en Chicago y es educadora. Ha expuesto a nivel nacional e internacional. Sus presentaciones recientes incluyen: When we take a step forward or backward, or act in one way or another we are influencing the moment. When we live in the moment we are immortal because we are one with the action and we merge with the ethereal.

Then, when we come back down to earth again, the whole series of instants and moments that shape landscapes, snapshots of our life, like short stories, novels, poetry of existence, moments that drive us into unfathomable depths are linked together because we do not know where the ultimate meaning of the same is to be found.

And so everything is attractive because the mystery allows us to move ahead and transform ourselves, to learn and march on in order to contrast, to achieve new heights of wisdom and training. ThefreedomoftheInnerSelf He employs the figure of a horse in the forefront, using close-ups, three quarter planes, sideways, next to other horses, in the landscape, with volcanoes, with vegetation, trees, the force of nature.

The horse is the symbol par excellence of an attitude towards life that is clear, patient, contemplative and also active, but which grazes, it revels in the silence of tranquility, despite the eruption of the volcanoes, but the animal is still feeding in the meadow.

Landscapes full of color, intense, seductive, seeking contrast, to become fire in the air, wood and earth, poetry of nature, of our own nature as persons, a soul which travels through their delicate threads and conversations, that is positioned throughout the living essence of existence. And in this context color is omnipresent. Color, as an element that helps make the magic more potent.

Color, which contributes to a more intense plastic explosion, to allow vitality to cross borders. All is color, a symphony of color, a feast of colorful particles. Color, as a magic wand that inflames passions, enhancing landscapes, people and situations.

Color, a contrast of tones and shades, overlays, chromatic searches where the fire burns in all its splendor. Strength and expressivity, an allegoricalsymbolic sensation in which it takes center stage in the plastic and conceptual aspects becoming the nexus of the joining of wills with which we dialogue and the artist dialogues allowing himself different attitudes to define what interests him: Sometimes we try to move forward, to go beyond the limits imposed by ourselves and by others, but then we return to our sea, the sea that the wind sways protecting our island.

We are all positioned in the moment, in the clear sum of subtle or not so subtle moments, that which is immersed in the prolegomenon of the solution. A solution which is to verify that all that exists is defined by freedom. Not a superficial and exterior freedom, or a material and physical freedom, but a freedom that travels on wings and sails without a boat towards true knowledge. Also, on other occasions, we find ourselves in a variety of moments which lead us to the collective based on the individual.

When we lose concentration we get carried away, we become confused. Then we have to retrace our steps and move forward to find what we want, but within parameters of authenticity. He loves Eden, the paradise, but also pursues what is attractive about life, although ultimately he winds up searching for the perfection of the most sublime moments, forgetting the hardships, of the labors of Hercules to solve problems, entering into a thousand labyrinths which arrive at the same silver river of his own wisdom.

A river of rough water, which is tamed, but at the same time, flows like a raging torrent through the seemingly tamed wilderness. It is essential to understand the role of so-called magic horses in his latest creation, because they are a symbolic part of a whole of obvious wisdom that possesses some codes which explain his position in regards to existence and its singularities.

Because if we are aware of the inner reality we can achieve the vision of other conjunctions of subtle or unsubtle realities. Hence it is essential to start out from what is apparent to insert oneself into the dynamic which works if it goes beyond the mirage. Magic horses that are part of a whole, which are an essential dynamic of the self-will to move through the interior of the self, abandoning the outer self, seeking to overcome the ego, to find communion with the whole of wisdom.

And so, in this way, we are gradually introducing ourselves into the world of dreams, dreams that weave their wills to consolidate that which perspectives uplift within an apparent diversity of positionings framed within a unity of criteria. Extra del Newspaper:: Foto por Alex V. The reforms were presented at a July 24 meeting at New Landmark Missionary Baptist Church and featured over members from community and faith organizations in Chicago and its suburbs that are part of the Reclaim Campaign, a collaborative effort to promote restorative justice initiatives.

Prosecutors allege that the shooter, Tevin Lee, is a member of the Gangster Disciples street gang and fired the fatal shots to get revenge on a group that had previously attacked his friend. Sitting on 96 acres, the Cook County Department of Corrections is one of the largest single site county pre-detention facilities in the United States. It primarily holds pre-trial detainees. The proposed reforms could significantly reduce the number of non-violent offenders currently housed in the jail.

Funds from the festival go toward an annual scholarship program, community organizing and educational programs for PNCC. Mayor Rahm Emanuel was also in attendance at the festival. MHOA was proud to have been a part of the 43rd annual event, where the pride of the Puerto Rican community was present and felt. This family-oriented event served as a tool for community empowerment as everyone celebrated the rich heritage of Puerto Rican culture.

As part of the event, year-old Fernando Martinez talked about how his wife Jovita Martinez, 49, saved his life and underscored the critical need for Latinos to register their decision to save lives through organ and tissue donation. Martinez wanted to be a living donor for her husband who had been undergoing dialysis treatments for a year and a half after being diagnosed with kidney failure. Martinez suffered an aneurysm and died on July 3, Her kidney was donated to her husband who now thanks to his wife has one working kidney.

They have one son, Fernando Martinez Jr. She always put me first and in the end she saved my life. This is why Gift of Hope honored the contributions and achievements of state Sen. Martinez DChicago , state Rep. Cynthia Soto D-Chicago , state Rep. The average number of people who die each year before they can receive a lifesaving organ transplant is nearly 11, — or 30 people every day.