Palabras derivadas de pan yahoo dating

palabras derivadas de pan yahoo dating

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Palabras derivadas de pan yahoo dating - Earth Sciences Research Journal, Vol 16, No 1 (2012)

This study's main purpose was to compile available geological and gravity data regarding southern Cameroon to gain better understanding of its structural framework, basement configuration and construct a tectonic map of the study area. Geological setting The area being studied lies in south Cameroon, located in the transition zone between the CC and the West African PAB; its very complicated tectonic history has unfolded as it has undergone its geological evolution. A simplified geological sketch map of the study area illustrating the main geological units is shown in Figure 1.

The complex predominantly consists of younger intrusive complexes and banded series composed of gneisses. The TTG unit is made up of three rocks types: It comprises low- to high-grade garnet-bearing schist, gneisses and orthogneisses transformed in medium- to high-pressure granulite facies metamorphism Toteu et al.

The structural data has shown definite surface deformation characterised by flat structures gently sloping to the north and generalised tilting towards the south or south-west, indicating a significant intermediate formation overlap on the Ntem complex basement.

Such deformation may be seen by the presence of northward sloping folds. The region has a complex and uneven tectonic structure. The region's tectonic evolution seems to have given rise to the basement's vertical movement, with subsidence to the north and uplift to the south Manguelle-Dicoum, This basement movement must have provoked irregularities in deep formations, giving rise to faults, horsts and grabens which are characteristic of the boundary between the CC and the Pan-African fold belt.

The altimeter readings were looped along with gravimeter reading to obtain fairly reliable height differences between base stations, thereby guaranteeing reasonably accurate elevation values for intermediates stations. Maximum error in determining the height of any station by means of altimeters did not exceed 10 m. Consequently, Bouguer anomaly value maximum error for any station due to the above height determination error was not expected to exceed 0. The Bouguer anomaly values resulted from free-air reduction referring to the ellipsoid, infinite plate reduction with 2.

A Bouguer anomaly map constant 5 mGal contour interval was thus prepared to interpret the study area's crustal structure Figure 2. The quite different nature of the Bouguer gravity map on the northern side was marked by gravity highs, bounded by relatively steep gradients occurring over or near higher metamorphic formations granulite, migmatite and micaschist and other granitic plutons, suggesting the existence of a suture zone between two of the crust's blocks Kennedy, Positive Bouguer gravity in the southern area tending SW-NE marked the intrusion of dense rocks charnockites in this area.

Interpreting gravity and magnetic data can be aided by applying advanced processing: Such techniques were applied here to aid understanding regional tectonics and structures. Total horizontal derivative for gravity data This operation measured the rate of change of field in x and y directions and created a resultant grid Cordell and Grauch, The horizontal gradient method was used to locate density boundaries from gravity data Cordell and Grauch, This highlighted high gradient areas such as those which might occur at faulted boundaries.

Local peaks or ridges in gravity horizontal gradient magnitude gave the steepest gradients' locations, this being intuitively similar to taking the first derivative of a curve. A 3x3 window was passed over the horizon tal gradient magnitude HGM grid in the automated method Blakely, to fit parabolic peaks to the four 3-point scans passing through the centre of the window.

If a sufficient number of peaks or maxima were found usually 2 to 4 , the location of the largest peak was taken as the contact location. This technique has been applied to upward-continued data at five depth levels: The upward continuation processing of the Bouguer gravity map at various altitudes, followed by determining horizontal gradient maxima for each level yielded these maxima's progressive migration while increasing upward continuation altitude indicating the dip direction.

Faults were presumed to produce a single alignment in map view, or one prominent HGM maxima "track". Isostatic residual gravity anomaly An isostatic reduction was applied to the Bouguer anomalies to quantify the isostatic compensation effects allowing isostatic equilibrium to be restored. The regional correction was calculated from topography using Airy's model of crustal compensation and subtracted from the Bouguer gravity anomaly, which then produced an isostatic residual gravity map of the study area.

If T were the thickness of the sea-level standard crust Moho initial depth , H the height above sea-level of any crustal column having R as a root relative to the standard crust base, then the value of R was determined using an isostatic equilibrium equation Schoeffler, The isostatic reduction would then result in determining the R value for each H and computing its gravity effect from the relationship given below: Isostatic anomalies depict deviations from compensation, resulting from crust restructuring density changes corresponding to short wavelength effects and the lithospheric plate or upper mantle's elastic behaviour deepest sources corresponding to long wavelength effects.

The isostatic residual anomaly was calculated by removing the long wavelength gravity effects caused by isostatic compensation, i. Theoretically, the isostatic residual should have only retained the gravity effects from the upper crust to the surface. Results and Discussion Analysing the results of the horizontal gradient map 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 km altitude; Figure 3 aided in defining the location of linear features related to the trend of the deep faults in this area. Faults could be traced easily along these salient features.

The resulting set of lineaments Figure 4 showed that most faults in the study area had sub-vertical dips. Interpreting the So'o granite complex's structural elements, in the central part of the area, revealed that it was bounded to the north and southwest of the Sangmelima region by main fractures interpreted as being normal faults.

The gravity data for the northern part of the area was characterised by gravity highs, bounded by relatively steep gradients which could be interpreted as the result of mantle upwelling associated with high temperature; deep-seated basement structure associated-melting had thus occurred in the lower crust. Overall horizontal derivative analysis results for gravity anomalies produced many features regarding trend and dip direction marking the faulted CC and the PAB boundary and revealed a complex subsurface geological structure.

Regional correction was calculated from topography using Airy's crustal compensation model using Geosoft software The following parameters were selected for computation: The main isostatic residual map Figure5 feature was similar to that of the Bouguer map shown in Figure 2.

Prominent low gravity seen in the isostatic anomaly might have indicated a deepening of the basement, assuming that the isostatic correction had appropriately accounted for deep crustal gravity effects. Spent two hours trying to get a reserved truck and moving pads that the one person Keshawn working there had no clue how to find on the computer.

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palabras derivadas de pan yahoo dating

Such techniques were applied here to aid understanding regional tectonics and structures. The altimeter readings were looped along with gravimeter reading to obtain fairly reliable height differences between base stations, thereby guaranteeing reasonably accurate elevation values for intermediates stations. The region's Bouguer gravity is characterised by elongated SW-NE negative gravity anomaly corresponding to a collapsed structure associated with a granitic intrusion beneath the region, limited by fault systems; this was clearly evident on an isostatic residual gravity map. Major and trace element geochemistry of the Archaean Ntem plutonic complex South Cameroon; petrogenesis and crustal evolution.

palabras derivadas de pan yahoo dating

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